Personal Systems BUY & SELL

          K&S sells new & used Computers, Printers, iPads, Mac Computers

           & more. All units come with a 30 Day warranty on used items &

          100% manufacture warranty with NEW units ONLY.

            Used system warranties are 30 Days & will cover Manufacture

           Defects ONLY & are sold in an AS IS working condition.

          Things that are NOT covered & will be classified as Misuse that

           include but are not limited to water damage, Cracked screens,

           Virus & or any other physical damages to the unit.

           When BUYING Systems: We will buy working & or non-working

          systems under K&S discretion. (Terms of sale) In order for K&S to

          buy any system the following will be needed.

All Systems MUST have a Serial Number

Seller MUST have a VALID State Issued ID

Seller MUST sign a K&S Ownership Consent Form

Under NO circumstance will K&S ever Buy a system with 

NO Serial Number & or NO State ID  © RKLEIN@K&S 2017